Francisca Luna Ivars


TEL: (+34) 696 459 301

Francisca Luna Ivars was born in La Linea de la Concepción. She graduated in law at the University of Cadiz and also holds a masters degree in Commercial Law obtained from the same University. She has been a practising lawyer since 1989 and until 2005 was based in the city of Cadiz where she specialised in Civil, Commercial and Administrative Law and ran her own legal practice.

Francisca is an acknowledged expert in matrimonial law and has been secretary of the Family Rights Commission of the Illustrious College of Lawyers of Cadiz since 1999. She is also an experienced commercial litigation lawyer and is highly regarded amongst her peers. She lived for two years in the United States, where she studied Computer Assisted Small Business Management.

In July 2013 she finished a Mortgage Mediation course and she is currently studying a Masters in Civil and Commercial Mediation.

Francisca joined Triay Spain in 2006- June 2014 upon which she has started her new law firm in November 2014.